Saturday, January 2, 2010

All about Flannel

I really liked the swaddling blankets. They are simple, cute, and didn't require too much precision and since I didn't have a pattern (I made them from copying one I got online), they didn't have frustrating directions. I think this one is my favorite. The interior is little monkeys with bananas.

Apparently I'm missing pictures of the last few of those I made. So then my other early obsession: pajamas. I don't have pictures of 2 of the pairs I made, but here's the first pair. I really needed these because the pajamas I bought before my hospital stay this fall not only were way too big, they made me sad.

I also just realized that if you look at my left leg in this picture you can clearly see how badly my ankle rolls out without braces and orthotics. I can totally see now why the podiatrist jumped on the ankle as the issue; he just saw me walk. Or stand.

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  1. Thank you doing what you're doing to fight your illness. I'm Manic Depressive myself and sometimes the meds don't catch all the little flaws and I end up playing my guitar or writing. So, thanks. This blog is very enlightening for some reason.


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