Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Brief History

I began treatment for bipolar disorder in 2002. After many years of treatment in the fall of 2009 it became necessary for a radical medication change that put me on a psychiatric unit for 9 days and then left me with months of agitation and needing calming activities as I very slowly recovered. Over the next months I tried out a number of hobbies, but when I learned I was going to be an aunt I decided to take up sewing for the baby. I quickly found that the sewing I had loved learning as a child was still something I loved. I had to give up sewing during the early part of treatment because I had many years of hand tremors, plus a low tolerance for frustration.

Each project I finish is magical, because until the last few months I have lacked the ability to do anything like this. I also have learned that my grandmother was an incredibly good teacher, as after not touching fabrics or patterns in years I have been able to pick up and make most things I've tried (although there often is at least one thrown away), as well as modify patterns to make things my way. I have even managed to make a pattern and design my own version of a common and expensive maternity pillow, the only project I have completed that does not have a picture because I forgot to take one I was so glad to have it off my kitchen counter.

Because I need to have the ability to look back and see that I do have the ability to do more than survive during the times I am not well, and because I want a record of what I have made, I will be posting photographs of completed projects on this blog. Until I catch up, I will be leaving this post on top and posting the older projects with random dates from earlier in this year. So please look down to see what's new.

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